This plugin checks the CPU load on AIX systems through the AIX MIB value "aixSeCPUUtilization". This plugin is particulary helpful if SNMP is already used to monitor the system.

We used to monitor AIX load through, using the parameter -T stand (type standard). This worked fine retrieving the number of CPU cores and the 1 minute load average from the Host mibs values under "hrProcessorLoad". When IBM released thew AIX OS update OS update to TL11 SP4 and we upgraded, our CPU monitoring broke and phantastic load values were returned by IBM's AIX SNMP daemon.

In order get correct CPU load values again, I created this plugin to query aixmibd's value "aixSeCPUUtilization" instead.

The plugin depends on Perl's Net::SNMP package, i.e. perl-SNMP-

Usage: [-v] -H <host> -C <snmp_community> [-2] | (-l login -x passwd [-X pass -L <authp>,<privp>]) [-p <port>] -w <warn level> -c <crit level> [-f] [-t <timeout>] [-V]


-v, --verbose
      print extra debugging information

-h, --help
      print this help message

-H, --hostname=HOST
      name or IP address of host to check

-C, --community=COMMUNITY NAME
      community name for the host's SNMP agent (implies v1 protocol)

-2, --v2c
      Use snmp v2c

-l, --login=LOGIN ; -x, --passwd=PASSWD
      Login and auth password for snmpv3 authentication
      If no priv password exists, implies AuthNoPriv

-X, --privpass=PASSWD
      Priv password for snmpv3 (AuthPriv protocol)

-L, --protocols=<authproto>,<privproto>
      <authproto> : Authentication protocol (md5|sha : default md5)
      <privproto> : Priv protocole (des|aes : default des)

-P, --port=PORT
      SNMP port (Default 161)

-w, --warn=INTEGER
      warning level for time difference in seconds

-c, --crit=INTEGER
      critical level for time difference in seconds

-f, --perfparse
      Perfparse compatible output

-t, --timeout=INTEGER
      timeout for SNMP in seconds (Default: 5)

-V, --version
      prints version number

Plugin Definition Example:

Below is an example of the plugin definition in the Nagios command.cfg file.

# nagios plugin
define command{
  command_name check_snmp_aixload
  command_line $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C $ARG1$ -w $ARG2$ -c $ARG3$

Plugin Usage Example:

The plugin with its most basic use.

susie: ~ # ./ -H -C NBNro -w 10 -c 90
CPU used 14.0% (>10) : WARNING

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